Apr. 06.

Get In Shape This Spring 2016

5 week only Circuit Training incorporating hard style Kettle bells with Nicky begins next Tuesday 12th April 7.30 – 8.30.  This is a great way to kick start your new regime if you’ve slipped from your January resolutions. Cost E50.00.  Book now by texting 087-6338994.  Circuit training at The Core Studio Ltd is suitable for all levels and is a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic  exercises designed and set out in a way to challenge you safely.  we safely raise your heart rate (a HR monitor is compulsory for these classes), monitor your recovery time as it progresses.   There is a pulse check at the beginning and end of the session.  We believe in muscle balance and functional movement – the body needs all muscles to work correctly together otherwise the minor (synergist) muscles get overlooked and become weak which can lead to complications and injury.  In daily life we move using a series of complex signalling from the brain and nerves to innervate the muscle to do the required action.  Therefore there is little point in working muscles in isolation, it is not how we were designed to move.  We put HUGE emphasis on the core muscles and not just the ‘pretty six-pack’ which is only a surface muscle its all the deeper ones that often get neglected and these are all important for Core strength and back strength and health.  There are a variety of circuit training classes available – Monday 8pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 8.15pm and Friday 10.30 am – these classes can all be booked online.  So Start to exercise your right to a decent quality of physical health and live longer, look younger and feel a whole heap better!!