Sep. 01.

Why Exercise?

Why Actually Exercise at all?

Stress: – Studies have shown exercise is a great way to create natural endorphins to help you combat stress.

Memory:- your brain will get more oxygen which studies have shown can boost your memory

Posture:– Bad posture leads to ineffective lung volume and reduces the optimum function of internal organs and can contribute to such conditions as decreased motility of the intestines.  Slouching can create excessive forces on the vertebrae and discs, leading to back and/or neck pain, headaches, lack of muscle balance.

Sleep:– Regular exercise can help you sleep better.  We also offer mindfulness and yoga classes to combine with your regular exercise for best results.

Energy:– regular exercise makes us feel more energised throughout the day

Metabolism:- The only two ways to ‘rev’ your metabolism is to move and to eat!! – find out your basic metabolic rate with our Tanita body composition monitor.