Sep. 20.

Shiatsu Massage At The Core Studio Ltd with Sally Dunne

Shiatsu massage is a deliciously relaxing form of bodywork!  It’s done through the clothes on a mat at floor level.  The word actually means finger-pressure.  Shiatsu involves hand and thumb pressure along the acupuncture meridians and it can relax you at a very deep level.


A treatment, including time to talk about your health, lasts an hour.  You are encouraged to simply lie passively while Sally uses gently pressure on the shiatsu points.  She uses comfortable yoga-like stretches to increase the flow of circulation through the body and the joints.  Shiatsu treats the whole body, including the back, neck and shoulders, head and the feet.  It eases deeply held tension and can have a very positive effect on stress, problems sleeping, digestive ailments and muscular issues, such as back problems.

To arrange an appointment in our treatment room with Sally Dunne please call her direct on 087-2220749 or visit to find out more.

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