Circuit Training

Circuit training is suitable for men and women of all levels of fitness. Typically classes begin with a pulse check for safety followed by an aerobic warm up. This warm up uses a dynamic range of motion, which aids improved nerve function and reaction times (great for any golfers!), increases synovial fluid inthe joints, gradually increases your heart rate and prepares the mind and body for the workload to come.

This is followed by a variety of exercises using different impact/intensity levels, some using your own body weight and some equipment based. By varying the stations the body is kept working to keep your heart rate up in the training heart rate zone, thus improving general fitness. The use of free weights and bodyweight help prevent osteoporosis which can affect both men and women. There is emphasis throughout on the core muscles. Shoulder and upper back strength is increased using specific exercises. Balance and lower limb strength is focused on for the skiers amongst you! The main training session is then followed by a cool down and focus is then turned specifically towards the core, using local muscular endurance exercises and Pilates based movements. These are particularly important in helping to prevent lower back pain, as they encourage the deep core muscles to work co-efficiently with the lower back muscles, thereby sgtrengthening the back, toning the stomach and preventing injury. These exercises will also improve overall posture and aid in correcting body bio mechanics and will greatly aid the sailor, golfer or tennis player! Last but not least is our developmental stretching session targeting the main muscles used in the workout session. The aim of this is both to help prevent DOMS (delayed onset of muscular soreness) and to develop and maintain flexibility.

Circuit Training classes are great fun and a great way to combat the winter blues!