Nicky van der Lee

Nicky van der Lee has being practising Pilates for over ten years. She has qualified through the pilates institute UK and constantly keeps up to date with any new developments by attending training sessions regularly. Nicky focuses on body movements, alignment, core stability, back mobility/strength, muscle balance and corrective posture to aid in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention from beginner to advanced level.

Nicky is a personal trainer and fitness instructior (NCEHS) through the National Training Centre in Dublin. In addition she has qualified in pre/post natal, special populations, pilates on the ball, pilates with the isotoner, pilates 121, pilates and the foam roller, pilates and the theraband, sports nutrition, sports first aid and step aerobics and Frequency Specific Microcurrent neuromuscular treatment for sports injuries.

She is a firm believer in bringing what you have learned in your class to the outside world in terms of functional movement, posture and maintaining neutral spine both in every day life and to your other sport or exercise.